PropEzy is your go-to app that takes your community online!

You can now manage your unit, place requests and make bookings with just a few clicks from the comfort of your home. The aim of the app is to deliver prompt service, increase engagement with community members, enhance services based on customer feedback and ensure the happiness of the residents in our community. While end users can take advantage of the 24/7 service, community managers can make data-driven decisions.

Join the happy communities by downloading the PropEzy app today.

Community Access Anywhere Anytime

PropEzy provides 24/7 access 365 days a year. 

Available on Android and iOS, the PropEzy app provides instant access and a seamless experience no matter which device you use.

PropEzy Community Features

Customer bill payment via multiple digital payment channels

Schedule & manage payment reminders via SMS, email & in-app notifications

A standard suite of reports to manage community finances, plus Power BI dashboards

End to end automation for payment posting & receipting

Easy amenity calendar management, digital bookings, cancellations and capacity limits

Publish important community documents and track views

Give your community exclusive perks & offers from your local retailers

Put up things for sale to your neighbours, browse what’s for sale in the community

Announce community events and track attendance

Receive and manage customer requests from mobile app, call centre, concierge or email, all on one platform

Get on-the spot feedback on customer ticket resolution

Out of the box integration with Power BI for live data analytics

KPIs, SLAs, escalations and live dashboards

1:1 or 1:many communication in just a few clicks

Track post engagement through views, likes and comments

Easy emergency communication to all community stakeholders