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Owners Association Management

Kingfield Owners Association Management Services, is a UAE-based company that specialises in the management of prominent and prestigious communities in accordance with the ‘Jointly Owned Property’ laws. 

One of the first companies to qualify and obtain its OA Management License and Certification from RERA, Kingfield has established itself as a leader in its field and has managed some of the most prominent developments in Dubai. These collectively include approximately 37,000 residential, retail and commercial units covering over 25,000,000 square feet of entitlements.

A pro-active management team with high-end customer service standards, the Kingfield team is committed to providing project management and consultancy services based on the principles of integrity, quality management ethics and a focus on sustainability. With our determination towards review and improvement cycles, we develop and implement innovations that drive the potential of our clients’ projects to new frontiers, create new opportunities and enhance the balance between sustainability and development.

About iREC Holdings

Part of Eltizam Group, iREC Holdings was established to oversee the group’s real estate management division offering advisory and consultancy services, community and property management. The three operating entities under the company are at the helm of the diverse industry sectors in real estate management capturing both market breadth and depth.

The entities under iREC Holdings share a unanimous goal to offer a robust portfolio of services, unique opportunities and maximized potential and sustainability. With services extending across the GCC and the wider MENA region, iREC Holdings is one of the leading real estate management groups with consistent growth in assets under management.